About me. 

I am an award winning freelance designer. I have 9 years experience as a designer in advertising, branding, and UX/UI Design.

What I Do

Personally i would consider myself a “Jack of all trades”. I have experience working in advertising, graphic design, and UX/UI design. I can do concept development and also take that concept and make it into something real. In the start of my career i was mostly doing graphic design and advertising work, but during the later years i have done more in product design and UX/UI. 

My Story

I started with studying graphic design at Campus Kristiania, then i moved to Milan where i got my bachelors degree in graphic design and art direction at the Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti in Milan. After that i got my first job at Hyper in Oslo. I worked there for almost four years. Then i have been with Unfold for almost four years.